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Garden at Michara Praiano is nestled on a terraced hillside. This Mediterranean garden offers a breathtaking view of the Amalfi Coast. The scent of jasmine fills the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

At the center of the garden, there's a stone tiled patio area that serves as an outdoor living space. A wrought-iron dining colorful ceramic table and chairs are elegantly placed under the shade of a pergola covered with vines, offering a perfect spot for al fresco dining, ready for a delightful meal with a sea view.

In one corner of the garden, there's a comfortable seating area with cushions furniture arranged around a low coffee table. It's a great spot for sipping on a glass of local wine while enjoying the sunset over the sea.

Available sun loungers, strategically positioned to take full advantage of the panoramic coastal view. The sun loungers are fitted with sunshade elements, providing both comfort and shade for those looking to soak in the Mediterranean sun.

Stone pathways wind their way through the garden, with unobstructed views of the crystal-clear waters below.

As you sit on the sun lounger, you can listen to the gentle sounds of the waves crashing against the cliffs and feel the refreshing sea breeze. The Amalfi Coast stretches out before you, with its rugged coastline, charming villages, and azure waters, creating a serene and picturesque backdrop for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating outdoor experience.


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