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Capri attractions

Capri is one of the most remarkable Italian tourist destinations.


You can reach the island easily from the Amalfi Coast using the ports of Positano or Amalfi where regular ferries run daily in the tourist seasons.


While if the Sea is very rough or in the low season, your option is leaving from the port of Sorrento, which is very distant from the Amalfi Coast, about 1 hour away, as average. From Praiano you can reach Capri only by private tours as the town does not have a port where the ferry companies can land the shore of Marina Di Praia to their larger boats.

You can check the program of the small collective private  tours we propose from Praiano or Amalfi or Positano, we can book you with! 2022 price, per person, is Euro 100. This is about 7/8 hours tour, a must do, while here!

If you wish a more economical trip from Amalfi or Praiano, we can book for you a minicruise with a larger boat that accommodate at most 80 passengers. Please check program at this page : CLIK HERE for price and if you wish to reserve, send us a WhatsApp or email to

Please download the Capri Tourist Board Map HERE!  

The Map will be useful to ​explore the island and discover secret corners.

You should not miss the Capri Piazzetta, the social hub of Capri, and anyone visiting the island must pass through.

The Blue Grotto, the most famous tourist attraction on Capri, when there is less of a crowd, and board one of the small wooden rowboats which will transport you inside and into a different, magically blue, world.

The Faraglioni that are the eternal guardians of the island's shore, these towering sea stacks are the perfect backdrop for your vacation snapshot.

The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp for the most scenic terrace on the whole of Capri, you need walk just steps from the Piazzetta to the Gardens of Augustus. From here, the sweeping view includes the Faraglioni to one side and the dramatic Via Krupp to the other, as it hairpins its way up the steep slope of Mount Solaro.


Villa Jovis on the peak of Mount Tiberius, the remains of one of the 12 island villas built by this Roman emperor can be explored. To get there, you'll have to hike about 45 minutes uphill, but once you've reached your destination, the view will be a just reward for your efforts!


The Natural Arch and Pizzolungo, a breathtakingly scenic ring trail circles the eastern side of the island, passing by the Matermania Cave, where it is said rites to the god Mitra were once held, the Faraglioni sea stacks, towering above the Mediterranean just offshore, and the stunning Tragara scenic overlook.


The Charterhouse of San Giacomo was once a convent where the charterhouse monks of Capri would grow flowers and herbs to use as the base of their artisan perfumes, the complex has also been used as a prison, and, still today, a high school. It is now a museum displaying both a permanent collection and temporary exhibits.

Marina Piccola, on the southern shore of the island, just opposite the towering Faraglioni sea stacks, the most beautiful beaches of Capri beckon.


Punta Carena Lighthouse; after Genova, Punta Carena boasts the largest lighthouse in Italy. Located on the western shore of the island, it is lit the sun until evening, this is the perfect vantage point to enjoy a gorgeous Mediterranean sunset.

Anacapri, which is Capri's highest town, and still maintains a languid, island village air. We suggest you meander the twisting lanes in the town center, stopping at the small artisan workshops, quiet churches, and pretty squares lined with traditional homes.


Villa San Michele that was built by the Swedish physician and writer, Axel Munthe, today this former residence is a museum where Munthe's collection of archaeological finds are displayed. The gardens have been recognized as among the most beautiful in Itay, and the view over the Amalfi Coast is unforgettable.


Mount Solaro and the Cetrella Hermitage.  From Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, the chairlift departs every 12 minutes up to the top of Mount Solaro. The view from the top sweeps across the entire Gulf of Naples and Salerno. We suggest walking back down, stopping at the Hermitage of Cetrella along the way.

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis Emperor Tiberius designed the building

Mt. Solaro Chairlift

Mt. Solaro Chairlift

Experience the summit of Monte Solaro

Blu Grotto

Blu Grotto

The most famous of the grottos of the world

Giardini Di Augusto

Giardini Di Augusto

This is one of the best public garden of Capri

Certosa San Giacomo

Certosa San Giacomo

This is the highest expression of monastic life in Capri

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is the work of a Swedish physician

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