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Tramonto a Positano

Positano local Public Transport

The town of Positano has one of the best public transportation on the Amalfi Coast. 

There are 2 bus companies that have individual line.

Each of them uses a different ticket.  All commute at the main bus stops on main road, which are:

- Sponda (the main bus stop, East side, Amalfi side - Sitasud and locals)

- Chiesa Nuova (central stop, at the top of village, viale Pasitea - Sitasud and locals)

- Montepertuso (located on Positano West side, initial stop of the town- Sitasud and locals)

- Fornillo (located in the Fornillo district, only for local buses)

- Piazza Dei Mulini (located in the town centre, viale Pasitea/ Via Colombo, only local buses)


The coast main bus line is SITASUD. 

The Sitasud bus line stops to all stops of Positano (Garitta-Montepertuso-Chiesa Nuova-Liparlati - Cimitero - La Sponda - Arienzo and Laurito, to mention the main ones)

The company serves all the Amalfi Coast towns, including Sorrento - Praiano - Maiori Ravello and Amalfi.

The local company MOBILITY line serves Positano and Praiano, Montepertuo and Nocelle. Mobility uses all local stops and main ones. Buses leave from the twon centre to nearby localities (Montepertuso, Nocelle and Praiano)

Locate your closest bus stop to plan your daily trips on the Amalfi Coast or in town or to reach the nearby Praiano

Click on the handier lower links contained in the KEY to fast download the updated schedules! 

Blu key is for SITASUD Sorrento-POSITANO-Praiano-Conca-Amalfi

Red key is for MOBILITY POSITANO-Arienzo-Laurito-PRAIANO 

Green Key is for Mobility Montepertuso and Nocelle schedule from centre town  

Grey Key is for the Interno Positano loop - Piazza Mulini to via Marconi,  Viale Pasitea. 

Main bus line - how it works - tickets


SITASUD does NOT allow passengers to use its bus rides unless you board on the vehicle with a regular valid ticket and clip/validate in the machine on the bus before you take seat. Tickets can be purchased at newsagents, Tabacchi stores and many bars of the area. Ask to the vendor the correct ticket as the cost differ based on your destination.

From 2022 you can purchase the tickets on board. You should have small bills or coins to pay the driver when you board the bus. The tickets will have a supplemental cost of 50 Eurocents.

Bus users will also have the option to purchase tickets on-line using the handy App of UnicoCampania, available in 3 languages (English-Italian-German).

Unico Campania App can be downloaded from Google App (Unico Campania - App su Google Play)

Or IPhone (UNICO Campania app su App Store ( Get to the section of *Buy Ticket*, then click on the logo of SITA SUD Campania. Then “Biglietti a tariffa Fissa” and next select “Spostamenti altri comuni”. Choose the ticket based on the “price” do not look for arrival/departure town as they are not all listed. Buy the number of tickets you need; you must do the purchase before boarding the bus (even a day prior) and when or just seconds before boarding the bus, ACTIVATE the tickets to be valid.

You can click HERE to check most ticket costs options for the Amalfi Coast

Positano-Praiano Mobility 

Local bus looping the two towns

Mobility local bus lines are three

loops the town of Positano and Praiano constantly until late at night. The company buses stop all shelters from number 1 to number 15, which is the top part of Praiano, San Luca and Antico Seggio square.

Passengers are requested to have a valid paper ticket. It is not allowed to pay by App or cards yet on this bus. You MUST clip/validate the ticket in the machine on the bus before you take seat. Tickets can be purchased at newsagents, Tabacchi stores and many bars of the area. The price for a single ride is Euro 1,30 if you purchase before boarding the vehicle.  Yet you might purchase the ticket(s) on board. You should have small bills or coins to pay the driver when you board the bus. Each ticket will have a supplemental cost of 50 Eurocents.

You can download a PDF of the updated schedule at the lower key:

bus mobility Positano Praiano.jpeg

Circumvesuviana train

Napoli - Pompeii - Sorrento local train line

The EAV trains (but is it better known as Circumvesuviana or Vesuviana train line), is the largest local train network of our Region.
Passengers reaching the main station of Naples, Napoli Centrale Piazza Garibaldi, might consider using the Circumvesuviana train line that reaches Sorrento passing through Pompeii Villa Dei Misteri, the main Ruins/Museum stop.
Once you have reached Sorrento you can commute on the SITASUD bus line to Positano > Praiano. 
The LINK will take you to the regular schedule of the train; yet updated one can be retrieved at the main website  you ; yet it is in Italian and you need to look under the button  link “Orario Dei Treni”   

circumvesuviana train Napoli - Pompeii - Sorrento.jpg

Alibus Airport shuttle

Bus serving Naples airport to the cirty centre

Alibus is the direct line of the A.N.M. (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità) with frequent connections between the city of Naples and Naples Capodichino Airport. Alibus connects Naples International Airport with Napoli Central Piazza Garibaldi main town Railway Station and the Piazza Municipio Maschio Angioino (Molo Beverello) Port Station.
Main stops are at Airport, Garibaldi Square (by Hotel Cavour), Piazza Municipio and Via Acton Galleria Vittoria (Molo Beverello), allowing passengers to commute transportation for fast trains, underground of Naples, Circumvesuviana, the ferryboat port of Naples with services by sea to the island of Capri Positano and Amalfi. 
Single ride is Euro 5 per person. During regular operation time there is generally a departure each 20 minutes. Service starts in the mornign at 5.3
0 am and ends at midnight. 
Schedule can be reached on their link : 

Alibus bus Airport Capodichino Naples to main train station and Port Beverello-2.jpg
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