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Capri Tours from the town of Praiano

Half day tour Amalfi coast

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maiori dal mare.jpg

Half day tour Amalfi coast

  • it is a 4 hours collective tour 

  • visited shores Praiano / Amalfi/ Maiori 

The Amalfi Coast tour will allow tourists to admire the wonders of the Divine Coast from the sea: bays, fjords, inlets and caves, some of which can only be reached by sea, will be observable from a privileged point of view.

A stop will be made at the Fiordo di Furore, an ancient fishing village now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and then at the Emerald Grotto (stop on request).

Later we will stop at the Natural Arch for a swim, and then continue towards Amalfi.

After a short stop to admire the oldest of the Maritime Republics from the sea, you will reach the small natural waterfall of Marmorata, located before the town of Minori.


  • Departure Positano, Praiano

  • Baths along the coast

  • Fjord of Furore

  • Conca dei Marini (Emerald Grotto - optional)

  • Arco Innamorati  

  • Amalfi  

  • Maiori (Pandora Cave)

Please fill the form included at this link to finalize the reservation or use the top button on the right of the page!

Domenico Gagliano
Amalfi-Coast-Rental manager

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