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Praiano is one of the smaller villages of the Amalfi Coast, but what it lacks in size, makes up with tranquillity and serenity in its surroundings that will embrace you.  It has been described as a pearl inbetween diamonds and is located halfway between Positano and Amalfi in a strategical position.


The more prominent towns, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello to name but a few, are reachable by a short car journey, 30min or with the SITA bus rides complete with a staggering panoramic view!


The village center is between bus stops 4 and 9; this is Via Capriglione, where you will find most food stores, a butcher, a fishmonger, pharmacy, newsagent, and the Post Office.  Here too are many restaurants and bars and a lovely vibe.
Another very attractive part of the town, and should not be missed, is Marina Di Praia where a romantic walk along Via Terramare is a must. You will find a lovely selection of eating venues available at the Marina.  


Whilst here you can visit the austere beauty of the main Churches of the village. You will be amazed with the photo opportunities and experience the heritage and history of the arts housed in their incredible surroundings.  
The most significant churches with their amazing views and squares are: San Gennaro, Costantinopoli, San Domenico and San Luca. 


Do not miss the experience of a lovely walk along the hills, and if you are fit enough, the option of the Path of the Gods to Nocelle and Positano.  This passage attracts walkers and hikers from all over the world.  The closest one can get to the path with a car or local bus is bus stop 25 (via Croce) or 16 (via Tuocco).  If you are in the Village center, start the trail from bus stop 5 or bus stop 7 (via Capriglione).  


Our guests may also visit the Praiano NaturArte trails.  It is an urban production itinerary where natural beauty blends with art in a network of walking paths that form an extraordinary open-air museum. More information can be retrieved by clicking on the LINK HERE!

What about a Yoga session?  The association Namasté Praiano has Yoga classes during the season.  Praiano’s council will host events related to yoga and meditation. This could be an opportunities to yoga lovers to share their passion with other partecipants and to get to know the beauties of the place. The meetings will take place in the main squares and in the open green-spaces with breathtaking views to give participants a unforgettable meditation experience and to give them to capture the essence of the place.

Praiano is located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast and it stands out for being an oasis of peace between sky and sea. The morphology of the territory and the beauty of the landscape make this delightful village an exceptional location for yoga and meditation practice. The favorable exposure, the stunning landscape and the peaceful atmosphere create an ideal dimension to reconcile body and soul. Discover more information on this offer on  and book your class, if you are in town, at the right time! 

If you are lucky to come in Praiano and stay the last week of July and beginning of August, do not miss the opportunity to see the Luminaria di San Domenico, which is Praiano most significant event of the year. An amazing legendary show of lights, fireworks, fire-eaters, dults and kids will love, connected to the live of Saint Domenico . More information here : 

During spring time, summer and fall, Praiano hosts an itinerant classical music festival that takes place in the most stunning locations of the village, squares, little piazzas, amazing silent gardens along the Path of The God. Its program with dates can be checked at this link 

During the summer a remarkable concert program  will take place in Praiano at San Luca church, located by bus stop number 15. Please have a look at the program and if concerts are available while here at the following link : PRAIANO CHAMBRE AND JAZZ MUSIC FESTIVAL 

Experience also shopping in Praiano. A few stores sell colorful pottery to fine art, so you can take back home from a small to a more important and significant memento.  Look out for; the artist Paolo Sandulli, Ceramiche Lizart, Bob Art and Ceramiche Da Mario! A remarkable shop is also Scala Raffaele, a long family history photographer where a lot of old pictures reproductions of the Amalfi Coast and Praiano area available and can be purchased. The shop is in Via Roma.  

More information for tourists can be retrieved on the Praiano official Tourism board office website

For Praiano local public transportation system and updated schedules, use the specific page of our web site, clicking HERE

To locate town shops - groceries - food - butcher - fish-shop - pharmacy on the our personalized Google-map, click HERE! 

To find out your closest bus stop to your actual location and which bus line passes by you, please click HERE! 

Praiano Map with indication of Bus stops.jpg

Please locate your closest bus stop on the Praiano Map.

This map indicates you the road names and the bus stop numbers. 

Check this section for PARKING zones! Click to get a map and directions


We have also created our map on Google to locate Praiano and surrounding towns bus stops, food, beaches and more; CLICK HERE to get a tailor made map for  you!

Most restaurants and bars are around bus stop nr. 7

Food stores are at near bus stop 7. Other grocery stores are at Moressa by bus stop nr 28.

Another grocery food store is located by bus stop 15

A nice place for a romantic walk is Marina Di Praia (bus stop 12)

Starting points for Sentiero Degli Dei or Path of the God are: bus stop nr. 25 (San Domenico), or nr. 7  (via Capriglione) or nr 5 (via Ulivi).


Best Tourist attractions of the area

The link will contain the best tourist attracations of the Amalfi coast and its surroundings

Do not miss a day out in Amalfi and Ravello area that could be combined in one day. If you wish to see both, try to  leave very early morning. Visit Ravello first and then Amalfi in the afternoon as it gets less crowded! 

In order to visit Pompeii, you need to book your visit with a day in advance, at least.

The Mount Vesuvio must be reserved too! 

To reach Capri, the easiest option is to get on a Capri Tour from Praiano. More information on this tour at this LINK!

If you would prefer the regular Ferrry you can opt to reach Positano by bus or car service. If you do not like to walk too much, Amalfi dock must be prefferd to Positano as the walk from the ticket office to the ferry boat is not too hard and very near.


Local Transportation 

The main bus stops of the town are:

- bus stop number 7, located in the village centre, along via Capriglione, for either main Sitasud line, local Mobility Positano-Praiano and Interno Praiano Tasso buses.

- Bus stop nr. 9 and 10 in via Roma, to commute to all buses: Sitasud line, local Mobility Positano-Praiano and Interno Praiano Tasso buses.;

- bus stop nr. 14 and 14 b (along via Antico Seggio/Via Umberto I) local Mobility Positano-Praiano and Interno Praiano Tasso buses.

- Bus sop nr 15 in Piazza San Luca local Mobility Positano-Praiano and Interno Praiano Tasso buses.

More information are contained in the Local Transportation upper linked page.

Whilst click on the handier upper coloured arrows to download the updated schedules for nearby destination around Praiano!


During the stay, please remove all your waste and dump those out of the unit at the right night and before the departure day. We do recycle and make our best to keep clean the environment. We do ask our guests to cope with this easy to follow rule.

Please drop your waste at the right place and only at night afer 10.00pm.

Ask the agent for it, in case you did not get the proper information.

We separate our waste in 5 different bags

-          Food waste – compost (no paper, no tissue, no plastic)

-          Paper and cardboard, newspapers, Juice and milk cartons, clean pizza catons

-          Plastic, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, Steel (tin) and empty aerosols;

-          Glass (Green, clear and brown glass bottles and jars)

-          Regular trash (waste that cannot be recycled). Those are: Plastic bags or recyclables inside plastic bags,Disposable nappies, Polystyrene , Syringes or medical waste, Ceramics, ovenware or light bulbs, electrical items, toys. 


Restaurants and Bars suggestions

The page will inform you on where to eat or drink with our suggestions on our preffered restaurant and bars of the area.

The Amalfi Coast and Campania culinary art is something to experiece. 


You can eat from economical to very expensive.

Opt for a nice pizzeria if you are on a budget or family and do not want to spend a fortune. Plenty of those in town!

If you are on your honeymoon and want to surprise your beloved one, you can opt for one of the most amazing restaurant of the coast Un Piano Nel Cielo at Casa Angelina! 

If you are home and do not feel to go out or cook, ask Che Bontà to deliver home or nearby you, some of their deliciuos plates or pizzas


More resources for other areas

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