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Capri Tours from the town of Praiano

Half day tour to Positano and Li Galli 

Tramonto a Positano
isola di Li Galli Positano.jpg

Positano - Li Galli

  • it is a 4 hours PRIVATE TOUR propostition - enquire price as it is based on boat type

  • visited shores Praiano / Positano / LI Galli

The tour to Positano and Nerano starts from Marina di Praia and by boat we sail towards Positano and from there we continue towards the Li Galli archipelago, islets full of myths and stories to tell: Homer in the Odyssey, describing the rocks where the mythological Sirens lived, it seems that he spoke precisely of the islands of Li Galli.


Li Galli are part of the Punta Campanella natural reservoir. Here it is possible for tourists to swim in a crystalline sea and dive on a seabed rich in submerged life.

After completing the tour of the three islands of the archipelago, also chosen as their home by the great Russian dancers Leonide Massine and Rudolf Nurejev, the tour includes the return to the Sorrento Coast and Recommone Bay, famous for the cave of lovers , reachable only by swimming.

The tour ends with a visit to Nerano, a splendid seaside resort located close to the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts: here day-trippers can taste local delicacies in one of the many local restaurants, before returning to Praiano.



  • Departure Praiano

  • passing by Positano

  • Fornillo Tower

  • Grotta del Mezzogiorno

  • Navigation to Li Galli

  • Bath and stop

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Domenico Gagliano
Amalfi-Coast-Rental manager

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