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This page will explain how to reach the house



Via Cella 11  - along via Costantinopoli

Praiano (SA) Italy

precise location on MAP on this link

or click or copy/paste : 

Cars can conveniently park nearby, and there are only a few steps to climb.

The WIFI password is: magia2019@

Directions to Our Home from Bus Stop #7 via Capriglione Town Centre

If You Drive or Use a Car Service:

  1. Start at Bus Stop #7:

    • From Bus Stop #7, take via Marconi.

  2. Via Marconi to Via Costantinopoli:

    • Drive up via Marconi to its top.

    • Make a left turn onto via Costantinopoli.

  3. Continue to Bus Stop #21:

    • Drive all the way up via Costantinopoli until you reach Bus Stop #21.

  4. Arriving at Our Home:

    • Our home is located on the left side of via Costantinopoli, precisely at via Cella 11.

    • Look for a yellow-colored house with a plate that has the name on it.


If You Prefer to Use a Local Bus or a Short Taxi Ride:

  1. Reach Praiano by Sitasud:

    • Exit at Bus Stop #7, which is the main bus stop of the town.

  2. Option 1 - Local Bus:

    • Take the local Interno Praiano bus from Bus Stop #7.

    • Note: This bus is not frequent and has limited capacity for passengers with large suitcases.

    • Get off at Bus Stop #21 on via Costantinopoli, which is right by our house door.

  3. Option 2 - Short Taxi Ride:

    • We suggest opting for a short taxi ride from Bus Stop #7 if you arrive via SITASUD bus. During check-in, especially when carrying suitcases, relying on local buses may not be ideal.

    • Pre-book the taxi in advance using the provided taxi numbers at the bottom of the page to ensure availability upon your arrival.


Additional Information:


WIFI Password:

  • The WIFI password is: magia2019@ - use it when near our home, it might be useful to get in or make a contact with us! 

       Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or phone for more detailed instructions.

Family with bags
Closest bus stop location

Our house is located in Praiano, at five minutes' walk from the Church of San Luca and its picturesque square.

To reach our home, take the local Interno bus to the stop number 21 in via Cella.
rom there, walk 30 meters and you are home.

Please note that our apartment is on a pedestrian road and are not accessible by car.

The closest local bus stop for Positano Mobility shuttle is the number 15, which you can find here:  San Luca Bus Stop 

For longer trips, the nearest Sitasud bus stop is number 7, located on Via Capriglione in the town center, about 1 kilometer away.  You can find the location of the stop here : Via Capriglione Bus Stop 7 .
From the town center, you can take a local bus back (Mobility or Interno Praiano) to the Piazza San Luca bus stop 15 and walk to the house (distant) or to the local and closest 21,

All updated bus line schedules are available on our website at : Amalfi Coast Rental Support , which includes a map of bus stops and instructions on purchasing bus tickets via an app.


Garbage system

We do recycle the waste in the village of Praiano.
PLEASE diligently take out your waste and do not leave in the house.
Especially in the warmer sunny days, you are at ease to get an ants attack. By the way, do not panic as they are definitely innocuous and we are very used to see them crawling around us!  Even when it is everything clean around you! 


Waste Disposal Instructions:


Please drop off your waste at the ground floor of our building, inside our storage room. The key to access our storage room is included in your key set, and it is the longest one among them.


Kindly separate the waste by type into the following categories:



  • PAPER AND CARDBOARD (clean only)




Please do not leave garbage in the flat. We come regularly at night to ensure it is pulled out on the correct collection day of the week.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

trouble shooting troubleshooting_edited.png
Trouble shootings

Here are the main issues and instructions regarding our home:

1. **Electricity Panel:**
   - **Second Floor:** The electricity fuse box panel is located in the living room, in a small niche covered with a wood panel, entering the room on the right.
   - **First Floor:** The electricity fuse box panel is behind the front door, to the right as you enter.
   - **Troubleshooting Steps:**
     - In case of an electrical shortage, check if any fuses are down.
     - If a fuse is tripped, please take a picture and send it to us so we can assess if there is a fault in the electrical system.
     - You can reset a tripped fuse by pulling the lever upward.
     - If all switches are up and the power remains out, it may be that the main switch has tripped. This is rare but possible.
     - Locate the main fuse on the road near our plate where you retrieved the key during check-in. The niche door is unlocked. Pull the lever up to restore power.

2. **Kitchen Switches:**
   - There are thick switches positioned above the kitchen counter.
   - Many guests mistake these for room lighting switches, but they actually control power to major kitchen appliances such as the washer, dishwasher, and oven.
   - Ensure these switches are in the "I" or "ON" position for the appliances to have power. 

These instructions should help you manage these common issues effectively during your stay. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

grocery logo_edited.png
Closest stores and bar

We are located in a more remote part of Praiano, so it is wise to plan for food provisions, as stores, restaurants, and bars are not nearby.

For food provision walk to the square of Piazza Antico Seggio.

There is a grocery store of Sorrentino family, located along via Antico Seggio, walking down a few minutes from our home. You can also buy fresh cut meat and spirits. Location is here

A detailed instruction PDF is here. Click on this LINK

If you prefer a video, please use this one at this LINK! 

A larger grocery is Tutto Per Tutti and located at 500 meters from home. You can reach it walking down pedestrian via Cella, then using via Lama and reaching via Duomo up to via Umberto I. . Its location is here: 

A fish-shop is in via Capriglione 154, here :

The butcher is here in via Capriglione 104 

The Pharmacy of Praiano is located here in via Capriglione 142, here 

This is my preferred restaurants list in the town of Praiano


profilo alta risoluzione_edited.png
Person in charge: 

Domenico will be your host

He will be available at his phone during most of the day.

Mobile to use to get in touch with Domenico is  +39 3479341501

Please make a contact with a couple of days before arrival and get organized with him.

Via WhatsApp is the best way to reach  him out! 

You can download the app here: 

Standard Check-In Procedure

Standard Check-Out Procedure

Tecnologia in casa TV lavatrice forno etc_edited.png
how to work appliances

We do not offer private parking, but you can park your car for free near Bus Stop #22 and between Bus Stops #19 and #18. After you have parked, please immediately send a picture of your parked car to us via WhatsApp. This will allow us to ensure your car is safely parked and help you avoid tickets or towing.

Please make sure not to park in the privileged stalls reserved for residents with special tags in their cars. These resident spaces are typically marked with yellow bands on the pavement or street signs saying "Riservato ai Residenti."

If you must park in town in the paying stalls marked with blue bands on the pavement, You can pay your parking with the Easy-Park App you can download at this link:   The video will show you step by step, how to use the App Easy Park. 

Please do not park on bends or in areas where signs indicate parking is prohibited.

Resources on the area

This is the web page has information on Praiano


Praiano local transportation page :

This web page contains our suggested restaurants of the closeby area of Praiano

More resources from our web site are here


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