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La Mansarda Praiano

location on Google Map :

address is VIA GENNARO CAPRIGLIONE, 154 - 148 ZIP: 84010 PRAIANO (SA)  second floor by Restaurant La Brace

Wifi password for our network :   mansarda2022


La Mansarda is a charming place to stay in Praiano with plenty of amenities and a central location.


To reach the flat:

  1. Reach the town center of Praiano, specifically Via Capriglione.

  2. Find the Pharmacy and Hotel Tramonto D'Oro and walk to the first floor entrance of La Brace restaurant.

  3. To the left of the platform at La Brace, you will notice a small green gate with a tile above it that says "FIORENTINO." The gate is unlocked.

  4. Walk up one more floor and you will see a kind of a small bridge to the left of the stairs. Cross the bridge, a couple more stairs, and you will arrive at our Mansarda.

  5. The key is under a sea stone on the right side of the floor, in the corner, while checking-in.

Take the key and open the door.

Here's a summary of what to expect based on your description and the videos provided:


La Mansarda Overview:

  • Location: Centrally located in Praiano, close to bus stop number 7, restaurants, bars, and the Church of San Gennaro.

  • Beach Access: The beach of La Gavitella is a 15-minute walk down a stone pathway with about 350 steps.

  • Historical Building: The property is in a building dating back to 1800.

  • Views: Offers panoramic and breathtaking sea views.

  • Accommodation: Suitable for a couple, featuring:

    • One full bathroom with an enclosed shower.

    • A kitchenette with modern appliances, cutlery (it will be found inside the drawer of the dining table), and tableware.

    • An outdoor dining area with a table and chairs.

    • A washer for clothes and a drying rack (no dryer available).



  • Internet Wi-Fi.

  • TV.

  • Air conditioning and heating (inverter).

Video Guides:

  1. Property layout (please view it until the end)

  2. How to use the clothes washer (this machine is not a dryer, sorry)

  3. How to turn on the induction stove

  4. How to use the Air/conditioning heater inverter controller

At this link you can get a PDF on how to reach us from the main road

These resources should help you get familiar with La Mansarda before your visit. Enjoy your stay in Praiano!

Family with bags
How to reach the property

La Mansarda is located along Via Capriglione, situated two floors above number 154, near the restaurant La Brace.


It is also close to Hotel Tramonto D'Oro and bus stop number 6, right in the village center.


Before your arrival, please ensure that you have completed all the required

fields in the online form provided in the email .


This is necessary for guest registration with the local authorities at check-in time.


Your closest bus stop is number 7, located in the village centre, along via Capriglione, at only 150 meters from your front door,  walking left from our stairs in directon of Amalfi. You can board either main Sitasud line, local Mobility Positano-Praiano and Interno Praiano Tasso buses.

More information are contained in the Local Transportation linked page.

You can get the updated schedules of Sitasud, Local Mobility bus Positano-Praiano and the Interno Praiano bus, in the dedicated page !

Muriciello Praiano.webp

The page will have more information on the village of Praiano and it will propose you some activities, link to events of the area, parking zones, and more ….


We remind you the council visitors' tax that is is Euro 2 per person, per night and for maximum 7 nights.  

More information on the town tax is contained on its web site: Comune di Praiano-Official website

Garbage system

We do recycle the waste in the village of Praiano. Please use the PDF contaned in the link to determine the night of the rubbish/garbage collection that takes place in early morning, before 7am. Do not leave any rubbish outside the property before 10 pm and never during the day.

The collection area for Mansarda is at the very bottom of our condo stairs, by the main road. Do not leave garbage by the restaurant La Brace, please. 
The garbage bags can be only places there  at night, after 11 pm!

If you have leftover before departure, before the end of the stay, or want to get rid of the waste during the not-allowed hours, we have a nearby location in via Capriglione 176,  where to dump that, FOLLOW THIS PDF

Please do not leave the garbage inside the house at departure as we are unable to sort it during the morning when we will refresh the house!

Copia di profilo alta risoluzione.JPG
Person in charge, Domenico

Domenico Gagliano is the person in charge for your property

He can be contacted at: 

Domenico mobile +39 3479341501 

Office landline phone +39 089873344

email :

Domenico uses WhatsApp. 

Please click on one of the links below to contact him for assistance


icona petrol-electric station.JPG
Charging station or petrol

Praiano has a few stations to charge electric vehicles.
If you have one, please reach one of the following stations, located in:
-    via Antico Seggio (intersection with via Costantinopoli)
-    Via Umberto I, by the Municipio
-    Via Umberto I, by bus stop nr 9 
-    Via Umberto I, by Hotel Margherita
If you have a regular gasoline car, you must reach the village of Conca Dei Marini Q8 station or Positano Parcheggio Mandara, in the village centre, along viale Pasitea.

Features and Wifi

The apartment wifi password

is :​  mansarda2020 (all lower cases / letters) .  

Guests will have available a SMART-TV a kitchen with clothes washer, oven, freezer fridge, Italian Moka coffee machine. Cutlery, plates and glasses. Cooking pans!


We might offer a private parking for a medium sized car, for a fee, at less than 100 meters away. Please inquiry. In the high season (July and August),  car service or public transportation,  must be the  preffered method to reach the town. Vehicles can be parked along the main road in between bus stop 2 and 4, free of charge.  Paying lots are just outside the village past the bus stop nr 8, directions Amalfi in the blue lines.

Main public garage of the town is "Flavio Gioia"  and located in Via CAPRIGLIONE nr 6. Phone is 089 811895. More details and maps in HERE!


We generally did not experience too many issue in this home 

Should anything arise, please contact DOMENICO via WhatsApp and if it is the case, make a video call. Domenico mobile is +393479341501


One main issue is that often guests accidentally switch off the kitchen counter thick switches located on the marble counter, in the corner above the dishwasher or on the left hand side of the gas stove.

If those switches are on the 0 position, the appliance electricity is cut and those will be put on OFF mode and will not be powered and obviously will not work (it can be affecting the oven, the stove or the  dishwasher)

Bus companies serving the town of Praiano

Praiano has 3 independent companies that offer public transits inside the village and nearby towns

1) Interno Praiano looping all bus stops of the town, from 1 to 25;

2) Mobility Positano Praiano local bus looping the two sister towns. Serving all stops from 1 to 15;

3) The main company Sitasud stops at main stops number 5 - 7 - 9 - 10 - 12, offering rides to Sorrento, Positano, Furore Fjord, Conca Dei Marini, Amalfi, Ravello, Scala, Agerola Sentiero Degli Dei, Maiori, Minori, Salerno.

More information on the specific page of this web site 

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