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Washer room

The washer room is a utilitarian space in the home, designed to make laundry chores efficient and convenient. The room is well-organized and equipped with everything needed for washing.

There is a front-loading washing machine, European standard, energy-efficient, designed to handle the laundry needs of the household.  

By the washer there is basin with a faucet. The basin is ideal for hand-washing delicate items or pre-soaking stained clothing. It's also useful for various other household tasks, such as filling buckets or cleaning gardening tools.  

Two open shelves is installed on the wall adjacent to the washer. These shelves are there to hold your laundry detergents, for sorting different types of laundry.

Overall, this washer room with a basin combines practicality and Italian custom style, making it a pleasant and efficient space for tackling laundry tasks while providing a useful area for various other household needs. We do not have a laundry dryer machine. Yet, in the garden you will find a collapsible drying rack for air-drying clothes that can easily folded away when not in use.


Please contact me at +393479341501 for any further information! The best method is via WhatsApp. Click the link here :

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